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2020-2021 Sub-Committees

Communications & Alumni

Provides a voice and face for the commission on campus and for alumni.

Chair: Tyler Lewelling

Members: Joseph Winberry, Judi Gibbons, Heather Hall, Jordan Murphy

Equity & Climate

Investigates LGBTQ social, policy, and procedural issues; promotes new LGBTQ research.

Co-Chairs: Heather Hall and Lori Smith

Members: Tom Cervone, Yasja Hemmings, Kristen Wyckoff, Bonnie Johnson, Jordan Prewitt, Will Martinez, Laura Bryant, Jenny McMulen, Judi Gibbons, Lori Smith, Jasmine Koech, Rachel Carretta, Jeremy Gilbert, Heather Hall, Matt Blaylock

Membership & Awards

Recruits applicants, facilitates application processes, handles annual leadership nominations and elections along with nominations and voting for Chancellor’s Honors awards.

Co-Chair: Stephanie Langley

Members: Hunter Carlheim, Phyliss Shey, Jose Lee-Perez, Rob Morris, Kelley Kain, Skye Lee

Transgender & Non-binary Issues

Advocates for and supports the needs of transgender and non-binary students, faculty, and staff across campus.

Co-Chair: Ronda Wright

Members: Sarah Browing, Casey Darby, Christa Gloster, Corinne Tandy, Tammy Renalds, Merrill Walker, Ronda Wright, Jeremy Mobley, Njyhaol Pavati, Kirsten Gonzalez, Kaitlin Desselle