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2020-2021 Sub-Committees

Communications & Alumni

Provides a voice and face for the commission on campus and for alumni.

Chair: Tyler Lewelling

Members: Judi Gibbons, Heather Hall, Jordan Murphy, Jay Price, Joseph Winberry

Equity & Climate

Investigates LGBTQ social, policy, and procedural issues; promotes new LGBTQ research.

Co-Chairs: Heather Hall and Lori Smith

Members: Matt Blaylock, Laura Bryant, Rachel Carretta, Tom Cervone, Judi Gibbons, Jeremy Gilbert, Yasja Hemmings, Bonnie Johnson, Jasmine Koech, Will Martinez, Jenny McMulen, Jordan Prewitt, Kristen Wyckoff

Membership & Awards

Recruits applicants, facilitates application processes, handles annual leadership nominations and elections along with nominations and voting for Chancellor’s Honors awards.

Chair: Stephanie Langley

Members: Hunter Carlheim, Kelley Kain, Skye Lee, Rob Morris, Jose Lee-Perez,

Transgender & Non-binary Issues

Advocates for and supports the needs of transgender and non-binary students, faculty, and staff across campus.

Chair: Ronda Wright

Members: Sarah Browing, Casey Darby, Kaitlin Desselle, Christa Gloster, Kristen Gonzalez, Bonnie Johnson, Jeremy Mobley, Njyhaol Pavati, Tammy Renalds, Corinne Tandy, Merrill Walker,