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Commission members:

  • Commission Role Descriptions
  • Serve on at least one committee or serve as Chair/Co-Chair of a committee.
    • Provide input to the committee.
    • Assist with the work on the agenda set forth by committee and/or commission.
    • Attend monthly commission meetings.
    • Serve as a community liaison for the campus LGBT community as an ally to all members of the community.

2016-17 Members

  • Tamara Griffin, Co-Chair, Office of Disability Services
  • Michael Porter, Co-Chair, Undergraduate Admissions
  • Bonnie Benson-Palmgren, Staff, Student Counseling Center
  • Danielle Burton, Graduate student, Mathematics
  • David Byrd, Staff, Clarence Brown Theatre
  • Rachel Cross, Graduate student, MPPA
  • Sarah Curtis, Staff, Social Work
  • Elliott DeVore, Graduate student, Counseling Psychology
  • Trevor Dunn, Graduate student, Psychology
  • Sterling Field, Graduate student, BCMB
  • Chandler Frumin, Undergraduate student, Sport Management
  • Denise Gardner, Staff, OIRA
  • Luke Garton, Staff, Arts and Sciences Advising Services
  • Diane Goble, Staff, Multicultural Student Life
  • Cody Harrison, Staff, Student Success Center
  • Shannon Herron, Staff, Center for Student Engagement
  • Jennifer Jabson, Faculty, Department of Public Health
  • Joel Kramer, Staff, UT Housing
  • Tatiana Leavitt, Staff, Center for Career Development
  • Tyler Lewelling, Staff, Undergraduate Admissions
  • John McNair, Staff, College of Communication 
  • Joe Miles, Faculty, Psychology
  • Lauren Moret, Faculty, Educational Psychology and Counseling 
  • Jennifer Morrow, Faculty, Educational Psychology and Counseling
  • Joanne Patterson, Graduate student, Department of Public Health
  • Kirsten Pitcock, Staff, Arts and Sciences Advising
  • Alissa Reeves, Staff, Office of Diversity
  • Jordan Smith, Staff, Center for Student Engagement
  • Barbara Thayer-Bacon, Faculty, Educational Psychology and Counseling
  • Eric Wade, Faculty, MABE
  • Ben Young, Undergraduate student, Business

Ex-officio Voting Members

  • Jennifer Richter, Office of Equity and Diversity
  • Susan Benner, Co-chair, Commission for Blacks
  • Robert Nobles, Co-chair, Commission for Blacks
  • Angela Batey, Co-chair, Council for Diversity and Interculturalism 
  • Eric Stokes, Co-chair, Council for Diversity and Interculturalism
  • Eric Carr, Exempt Staff Council 
  • Bonnie Ownley, Faculty Senate President
  • Shalini Yerukala, Graduate Student Senate President
  • Carson Hollingsworth, Student Government Association
  • Kelley Spencer, UTPD Representative
  • Nancy Thacker, Graduate Research Assistant, Commission for LGBT People & Commission for Women

Ex-officio Nonvoting Members

  • Mary Lucal, Staff, Human Resources


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